She’s ambitious. She’s driven. She’s focused. She’s Multitalented. Now she’s ready to take the world by storm. Harmani was born in Camden, NJ on November 27,1993. Harmani is an R&B/Hip-Hop recording artist, who was raised in an extremely musical family, so of course Harmani was bound to take interest in the entertainment world. Harmani was only 9 years old when she took interest in becoming a singer. Harmani was a super shy little girl; no one knew her dream of becoming a singer; not even her mother, until she entered high school. Around the age of 14, Harmani decided it was time to conquer her fears and show the world what she has to offer, so she started with joining her school performing arts program and from there her journey began. Harmani started to expose herself more to the world with starting a YouTube channel. When she started her YouTube channel her stage name “Harmani” was born. She only created the name because she was afraid of the weirdo’s in the internet world, but who knew the name would stick, and become very defining to who she was as an artist and what she represents. Harmani started to connect with artist everywhere from Maryland, Atlanta, all the way to London; not too bad for a shy girl from Camden, New Jersey. Harmani wanted to create a professional image for herself, but not having the funds to invest in people to engineer your music, photo shoots, direct and edit videos can be tough, but it didn’t stop Harmani from getting the job done. Harmani is self taught when it comes to songwriting, photography, video editing, singing, and dancing. People thought she had professionals teaching and doing everything for her, but when they found out it was all Harmani; they were amazed. After getting everything together Harmani started to do a lot of showcases, appearances, and building connections outside of the internet world. Throughout Harmani’s journey, she has had her ups. For instance, she have collaborated musically with some great artist on the indie scene, modeled in a couple music videos, and met a few inspiring people (ex. Tony Camillo & Teyana Taylor). Of course when you have your ups, we all have our downs. Through all of the trials and tribulations Harmani has encountered, Harmani realized how tough you have to become to win in the entertainment industry. Harmani has come a long way as an artist and a developing woman, but Harmani is still very hungry in learning more about the entertainment industry and determined to become a success. Not only is Harmani talented at singing, dancing, and creative behind the music scene, Harmani is an aspiring model and actress. As you can see nothing can stop Harmani from striving towards success but only build her stronger and push her to pursue anything she wants in life. First music, now modeling and acting! Harmani is destined for success.