“Here Is A Sneak Peek Into Myea E New Album: Impulse ll”

Myea E will be dropping her highly anticipated album “Impulse II : Divinity. The Visual Project,” in 2017. Stay tuned you will not want to miss it. Until then, Watch her video below giving you a sneak peek into the album. You feeling Myea E vibes? #VIBES100 


Myea E. is an award winning Singer/Songwriter/Producer based in Baltimore, MD. (SCM Awards /Best Female RnB Artist Nominee, RepYoGrind Awards Recipient Vocalist of The Year 2016). She is known for her smooth vocals and groove tone in her sonic sound. With inspirations like Prince, Michael Jackson, and SZA (TDE) she learned her own edge and began to pen her own artistry for herself and other up and coming artists. At 11 she got her first voice actress part on “It’s Christmas Dr Joe!” (2004)  where she sung background on “Christmas Time” written by Brian and Brandon Casey of Jagged Edge. She grew up in Richmond, VA where she discovered her talent in singing as an adolescent. Years after moving to Baltimore, MD she began producing for herself at the age of 16 and sharpened her sound for 5 whole years until she was ready to take on bigger platforms. This multi – fascited artist has a been on all sides of the tracks when it comes to the east coast sound. Finding herself in Baltimore, MD where she learned and earned her stripes with the music hustle she began to expand her sound overseas to UK and Spain based Artists, hence in 2016 where the focus is on US-uptown grounds and deep 90’s innovative music.

Website: http://www.OfficialMyeaE.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OfficialMyeaE

You feeling the Vibes?

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