BRIAN ANGEL OF DAY26 (Interview)


Brian Angel is a Houston, Texas native who discovered a talent for singing at the tender age of three.Brian began his career with his singing group at age 14. They signed with Matthew Knowles and opened for various artists like Destinys Child, Jagged Edge, Brian Mcknight, and more. After singing together for 7 years the group split. Later, In 2007, Brian became a contestant on Sean “P.Diddy” Combs hit reality show “Making the band,” and became apart of a group by the name of Day26. Day26 debut album peaked at number brian21, and between the years of 2007-2008, the group was at an all time high, winning numerous awards, charting the Billboard 200, and more. In 2012, sadly the group decided to go their seperate ways and focus on their individual projects.

Luckily, Vibes100 got a chance to catch up with Brian to see whats new in his life and music.

(Interview Below)

V: Talk to us, What have you been up to this year?
B: I’ve been taking my time to try and put together the best solo project I could put together. I’m very pleased with it so far… 
V: Lets talk about your recent song “Fa Real.” What inspired that song?
B: FaReal is just real life for me lol… the opening lines of the song is “never the type of couple to show love in the public” lol …. I’m a very private person as far as my personal life so what better way to introduce “Brian Angel” then to be Fa real 
brian-angelV: Will we be getting a music video for “Fa Real?” If so, Can you give us any insight of what we can expect for the visiual?
B: I’m a big movie buff so the video is based off a movie I love right now lol… I can’t give away to much but I will say this I’m taking videos back to when people enjoyed watching videos to when they made sense…
V: Who havent you worked with that will be like a dream come true to work with and why?
B: I’d have to say Dj Khaled his energy, and his spirit is addictive, infectious, to the point everyone feels him lol… 
V: Whats a song you listen to everyday and never get tired of it? 
B: I have 2 … both or from my up coming project “POTHINGS NERFECT” 
      1: Running back to you: (when you hear this song it’s different for me but very                             powerful) 
      2: War Zone: this song I feel like anyone that been in a relationship that all you do is                 fight but you can’t leave each other alone can relate to this song)
V: How do you feel about rnb culture today? 
B: I don’t think R&B exists at the moment ( I mean that with the most respect to everyone but R&B to me is love, pain, happiness.. right now it’s all about drugs, money, and hoes.., briandon’t get me wrong I love money and hoes lol but it seems like women wanna be just as hard as niggas and niggas afraid to be in love…. 
V: Do you have any hidden talents that no one knows about?
B: I’m actually a funny guy lol… everyone tells me I should be a comedian lol
V: Besides music, Is there anything else that gets you in a creative space?
B: I’m actually about to do a new tv series (yes ya boy is acting) I can’t speak to much on it just know the worlds about to see a hold new side of Brian 
V: You joined Day26 10 yrs ago, If you could give your younger self advice for the future what will it be?
B: Do not hire that manager lol 😂😂😂 
V: Do you miss singing in day26?
B: Of course I do. Those guys thought me so much I grew a lot because of them… 
V: Will Day26 ever sing together again?
B: Definitely Day26 is forever… stay tuned
V: Are there any songs that you you recorded with Day26 that you was just like “No Guys, Im not feeling this song?” 
B: Hell yeah im not gonna say which ones but hell yeah lol 
V: What is your favorite Day26 song that you will never get tired of performing? 
B: 1. Since you been gone  2. So Good
V: Which do you enjoy more, being Solo or with a Group?
B: That’s a hard one because I love singing with my brothers but I also love the creative control I have as a solo artist
brian3V: Are you and diddy still cool? Do you guys still work together?
B:  Diddy will forever be our big brother, but at the moment we don’t work with him but it’s always bad boy for life
V:  Is there anything you would like to tell your fans?
B: Follow me on 
IG: @iambrianangel
Twitter: @mrangel_day26 
Snapchat: realbrianangel 
Always always always keep GOD first he always answers prayers, he may not come when you want him to but he’s always on time…. 

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