Taquan The Artist | He Is Much More Than Just A Photographer

Taquan is an amazing artists from Camden, NJ who will one day be known around the world. Vibes100 have been following Taquan for a while now and this young mans work ethic is out of this world. Taquan is a photographer, videographer, actor, and much more and he is great at everything he does. Taquan is destined for success! Check out some of his photography work below and follow him on facebook to get access to his acting videos and more.



“I am a photographer , videographer , director , model , Actor , and spoken word artist . 

I think you would really appreciate the positive vibe of my work! Thats what makes me different from the rest !”



Photography Portfolio



FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/teamtaquan

1 Comment

  1. I am Taquan’s number one fan. I love how Taquan is so ambitious and creative. I like how he let’s nothing discourage or get in his way. He is most definitely a good getter!!!!!!!

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