Billboard Chart Topping Artist Che’Nelle Stopped By VIBES100 to Introduce Her Single “Strut” To Us

544031_138944412952569_1872465844_nChe’Nelle is “Fierce” and nothing to mess with in this music world. Her music will have you up out your seat and dancing like there’s no tomorrow. HEr music makes you feel good and will have you strutting your stuff like in her new music video “Strut.”

After releasing her latest single “Fierce” which is about being your authentic self, Che’Nelle was inspired by her own song and decided to re-make the record in her authentic sound. Che’Nelle has been a J-pop artist with Universal-Japan for over 5 years and is ready to show the world what she has been holding in. She is now breaking out in the states with her first “new sound” single “Strut” and ready to show the world what she’s got!

Che’Nelle “Strut” Music Video

“Fierce” Music Video


Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat: @Chenelleworld

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