What Can I Say? Oshea is an extremely talented Artist. We cant really call him a singer because oshea does it all, he just loves to create feel good music; creating from the soul. Oshea is someone Vibes100 have been following for sometime now and is happy to see his growth. Oshea went from making youtube videos back in 2008 to becoming a “Platnium Artist.” Vibes100 was able to catch up with Oshea & ask him a few questions. (Read Interview Below)

Q: Who Is Oshea? 

A: Just a young boy from Douglasville , singing his life in his songs. 

Q: If you can describe yourself in 3 words, what would it be? & Why?

A: Ambitious , because my mentality is , “I won’t stop until I’ve mastered whatever I’m learning at the moment.” 

Confident , because in order to tell a story and I expect for someone to believe it , you have to believe it first. I have     great confidence in myself as well as my music I feel that’s it’s relatable , and very relevant to my generation. 

Q: What made you start singing & When did you start singing? 

A: Well I started off as a rapper in 2008 , but the fact that everybody in my neighborhood , school , and everywhere wanted to be rappers , I had to separate myself. So some years go by , and late 2010 early 2011 I began to teach myself to sing.

Q: You rap as well, Which one do you enjoy more rap or singing?

A: I love both equality , which ever I feel at the moment when I’m hearing the beat that’s which one comes out. I just really find interest in the art of story telling.

Q: Who is your biggest influence and why? 

A: Musically , I’d say Chris brown, because he expresses himself freely , and continues to come with hit after hit. He does it all , he’s my idol! 

Q: Lets talk about your song “You!” Did you know that song would go Platinum?

A: I actually didn’t , I’m still amazed to this day that Pandora even featured it on there , AND gave me my own station , thank you Pandora! That’s where it all started.

Q: What inspired your song “You?” Is it about a specific lady in your life?

A: I named it “YOU” to make it feel special to whoever is listening ya know ?, this song was just something I came up with in my bedroom , but it changed everything , In the BEST way of course. 

Q: Osheanview! Tell us a little about OsheanView and what we all could expect! 

A: Man osheanview is my BEST work to date , I can not wait for my fans to hear the new stuff , osheanview will be out October 21st. “Oshea-n-view” is a play on words , to make a long story short it means , life through my eyes.

Q: Now I been following you for years & What some people may not know is that your name use to be breezo. What made you change it to Oshea?

A: Wow that’s amazing , thank you so much. But I just felt it was time for a change , I also had long dreads for those who didn’t know. I cut my hair and changed the named and shortly after I’m doing interviews for great people like you guys! 

Q: Now Fashion in the music world is just as popular as the music. Describe your fashion and what inspires your look. 

A: I really have no formula or go to fits lol , I just like my clothes to fit me right and I can make it look fresh.

Q: Name 3 singers you would like to collab with & 3 rappers.

A: 3 singers : Chris brown , Jacquees ,Bryson tiller

     3 rappers: Big Sean, Kendrick Lamar, Drake 

Q: Where do you see yourself in the next year or 2?

A: I’ll be 24, by then so I see myself with a beautiful family , beautiful house , great health , wealth , & doing an outstanding job financially. Also a multi-platinum , Grammy award winning singer/ rapper / producer , you name it.

Q: What advice would you give upcoming artists?

A: Have faith , ALWAYS! And to keep focus on the bigger picture don’t focus on the ride , just enjoy the journey, to success that is! 

Q: Is there anything you would like the world to know?

A: That everything I do I promise to always give my all no matte what! And I really can’t wait for the world to know the young boy “Oshea”! & thank you guys for this great interview , remember #OsheanView October 21 , 2016!

Instagram: @Osheaxi
Twitter: @Osheaxi
YouTube: Oshea & OsheaVEVO

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