Austin Holmes DUMB Song, That’s Not So…”Dumb”


austin2Austin Holmes is a singer from Upper Marlboro, Maryland. Austin is definitely bringing back them real vocals and I think he has the potential to bring real music back to mainstream radio. Austin Holmes new single “Dumb Song” is out now, and its actually not a Dumb song lol. The song is about a lot of songs that’s out now that have no substance and everything is about turning up. He wants REAL music back. I must say Vibes100 definitely agrees with Austin on this, and Austin, with them vocals you have that power to help bring back RnB and story lines to music again. 

Everyone take a look at Austins new single “Dumb Song” and check out his cover songs as well. Get the feel of Austin holmes and get to know that voice because you will definitely be hearing a lot more of him real soon.


Austin Holmes- Dumb Song (Original)

Song Covers by: Austin Holmes






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