UrbanZayy Expressing His Dark Side In A Creative Way



UrbanZayy is a young rapper from camden, spilling his pain in his music. He does not hold back when it comes to his creativity, you can see it in his videos. Do not sleep on UrbanZayy! Tyler the Creator definitly should collaborate with UrbanZayy! That will be Sick!

“I have a huge passion for music, being able to create it lets me explore myself as a person. I’ve had a very dark past and I like to express it in many of my songs. I’m a very goofy person and I truly just have to find happiness one way or another. I feel as though I can’t honestly feel complete without knowing I did something on my own and having people support me do whatever it shall be.”   –UrbanZayy


UrbanZayy “LOUD SPEAKER” (Music Video)
UrbanZayy “Jolly Rancher” (Music Video)

CLICK HERE FOR MORE VIDEOS: www.youtube.com/urbanzayymusic

Visit Spotify, iTunes & Google Play to purchase music by UrbanZayy

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