Courtney|Professional Aerialist

Courtney is a professional aerialist, instructor, V2 performaer, gogo dancer, and freelance model. 

“I have received training for 8 years in Gymnastics; over 8 years in dance including Ballroom, Latin, Ballet, Hip Hop, and Gogo dancing; and over 2 years in Aerial Silks. Silks has quickly become my passion, including other circus arts such as pole, lyra, and contortion. I have performed in front of crowds anywhere from 50-10,000 people. I have competition experience in gymnastics, ballroom, and silks. Most recently, I placed 2nd in Professional level silks at the 2015 Aerialympics. Given my variety of training, I can bring something new and exciting to your event!”

-Courtney Stevens

Vibes100 supports you 100% Courtney!


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