Rihanna “Needed ME” Dance (Eden Shabtai Choreography)

Eden BIO

Originally from a kibbutz in the northern part of Israel, Eden began her training in ballet and modern dance at the age of 7. At the time formal Hip-Hop training didn’t exist in Israel, so her only way to learn was from watching MTV. Always determined and passionate about dance, she set her goals high and decided that after the Army she would move to New York City, train in Hip-Hop and “be on MTV”. At the age of 16 she left home and moved to a special dance school. After serving in the IDF (Israeli Defense Force), Eden decided to travel abroad to India before making her dream come true. After the six months trip to India, Eden knew it was time to do what she always wanted to do, so she moved to New York City (NYC) to make her dreams a reality. (Click to read more…)

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