Tre Samuels

Tre Samuels is an Model/Singer/Songwriter from Melbourne, Australia. 



15 year old Trè Samuels is in a very good place.

This Melbourne future-soul singer/songwriter landed a coveted publishing deal with Warner Chappell in 2013. Throughout 2014 he’s been in the loving artist development camp of new independent label Creamy Spies in a glorious co-writing bubble with mentor Syreneyiscreamy (The Operatives/Runforyourlife).

His new  EP launch this year independently  since a successful debut track at 11 years old. Going from strength to strength, he’s working with a swag of fresh new producers including the illusive Rachel James to develop and shape his sound.

Lucky for the world he won’t hold onto these studio gems too tightly, rather releasing them as part of an on-going plan to plant seeds and watch them grow, leading up a full length album in 2016 and healthy tour schedule to follow.

Possessing a wisdom and talent beyond his years, Tré’s future, as well as his talent, burns bright. For now, he’s focused on developing as an artist, being in the best creative company, navigating the industrial terrain of the music business, yet quite happy to finish his homework before taking over the world.


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