Lets Catch up with D’Shae Pulver (Interview)

Shae pulver is an upcoming model out of LA and is making his mark on the fashion world. Vibes100 was able to catch up with shae and ask him a few questions.  Want to know more about shae? Keep reading!
Tell Us little about yourself Shae! 
“My names D’shae Pulver, I’m 20 years old.  I’m from Seattle Washington (born and raised) right now I just model and live life!”
What made you want to Model?
” I just got told I took good enough to model a lot of times so I took interest and fell in love. “
Who are your inspirations that motivates you?
“Rihanna inspires me she’s free spirited and is loved for being who she is. Everybody who’s out there making a living doing what they love inspire me idc what they do. My motivations are my mom and little sister. They mean everything to me”
Who have you currently modeled for so far?
“I can’t remember them all but a quick list: Nike, Adidas, Pacsun, Guess, Coca-cola, Urban Outfitters, Puma, Bape..etc..”
Who would you like to work with?
“the big names in fashion of course. Tom ford, Balmain, Givenchy, Calvin, EVERYONE!!”
Whats your favorite brand to wear, If you have one?
“not crazy about wearing brands, unless it’s shoes.. I’m not crazy about labels. As long as it goes together. (Of course I love my name brands tho) “
What are some of your fashion do’s and don’ts?
“fashion do’s and don’ts: hm I mean fashion is whatever you feel honestly. To each his own. Some things I’d do someone wouldn’t, some things someone else would do I wouldn’t.” 
One Fashion trend you wish could go away forever? lol
“the early 2000’s never come back PLEASE”
One fashion trend you would love to bring back?
“I’m loving where it is now. I love where fashio is headed as of now. A mix of everything.”
If you could model in a Music Artist music video, Who would it be?
“Rihanna’s video of course. I love that women”
Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
“in 5 years I see myself successfully traveling the world and working and branding my ass off. Hopefully have a big role or two in some movies “
Do you have any words for your fans /or aspiring models?
“to my fans/supporters or anybody aspiring follow your heart, don’t get caught up something for the “look” for it. Pray a lot and keep good, loved ones around you. 
Special Thanks to Shae Pulver for allowing Vibes100 to ask a few questions. We wish you many blessings through out your career.
Check out Shae Pulvers portfolio CLICK HERE!

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