Chloe x Halle

Chloe and Halle are Youtube superstars, hitting the music scene with amazing song covers. Chloe and Halle are sisters with the most unique voices you’ll ever here. The two sisters have captured thousands of peoples hearts around the world on youtube but, they went viral when they posted their song cover to “Pretty Hurts” by Beyonce. It just so happened that it caught the ears of mega pop star “Beyonce” and she shared Chloe and Halle’s video on her facebook page, but it didn’t end there. Pop superstar “Beyonce” loved chloe and halle so much she signed them to her record label “Parkwood entertainment.” The beginning to super stardom have just begun for chloe and halle. The two sisters chloe and halle have recently released their first ep “Sugar Symphony.” Vibes100 is excited that now since they are signed, they still maintained their unique sound and didn’t change to fit in with mainstream radio, so for that we rock with Chloe and Halles Vibes.

Vibe with Chloe and Halle by listening to their new song “Drop” below!


Vibe with Chloe and Halle

Soundcloud Playlist

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