Candice Pillay

Candice Pillay is a singer/songwriter based in Los Angeles,California from Pietermaritzburg, South Africa. Candice is best known for writing songs for Christina Aguilera, Rita Ora, Seyvn Streeter, and more. Pillay’s vocals were also featured on two songs from Dr. Dre’s highly anticipated album “Compton”; “Medicine Man” (ft. Eminem and “White Lightening”. Candice also co-wrote Rihanna’s American Oxygen. Candice is definitly taking over the songwriting world.

Adding to her resume, Candice Pillay made her mark on the music scene as a solo singer in 2014 with her ep “The Mood Kill.” Candice is Indian, and through her music, she has stayed true to her roots by mixing African and Indian rhythms and drums together. Candice does not identify her music as rnb or hip hop but says the sound of her music is very close to rnb and hip-hop music.  Vibes100 applaud Candice for staying true to her roots. Thank you for being you candice pillay.

Vibe with Candice by listening to her music below.


Here are some Vibes from Candice Pillay

Soundcloud Playlist


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